Survey: Chinese coffee fans are mainly 20-40 years old, the city white collar

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Survey: Chinese coffee fans are mainly 20-40 years old, the city white collar

  Market potential huge coffee type "blowout" homemade a cup of hand rushing or capsule, go to the cafe to enjoy a cup of fresh fruit flavored spools … From China’s existing data and first-tier cities as a reference, coffee formation The form of forms and different price belts, including large-scale coffee brands, including local brands are developing at rapid development. After years of development, China’s coffee market has a huge potential consumption group. But there are also sounds that the agency is blindly optimistic about the growth of China’s coffee market.

Although the Chinese population is large, only a second-tier city has formed a good coffee consumption habit, and the demanded market is still to be discovered.

The "2021 China Coffee Industry Development White Paper" released by the Internet Data Information platform, my country’s coffee market has reached 113 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of% year-on-year, and 2020 is around 145.4 billion yuan. It is expected that China is only 2021 The scale growth rate of the current grinding coffee market will reach 20%, breaking through 100 billion yuan.

In 2021, the scale of Chinese consumers will increase to billions of people, and the growth rate is 6%; with the gradual sinking of the coffee market, the population growth rate is expected to be around 10%. At present, in the consumption area of ??the coffee industry, the first-tier cities account for 37%, and the second-tier cities account for 32%, and the three-tier cities account for 29%.

  However, compared to other countries, in 2020, the per capita coffee consumption in my country is 9 cups per year. This data in Japan is 280 cups, the United States is 329 cups, and South Korea is 367 cups. It can be seen that the domestic coffee market still has large growth space. From the point of view, 36% of domestic coffee consumers in domestic coffee is 26 to 35 yuan, and 27% of consumers prefer 16 to 25 yuan, potential consumers choose the highest proportion of 16 to 25 yuan.

  According to the survey, China’s coffee enthusiasts are currently the white-collar workers between the ages of 20 to 40, mostly undergraduate or above, with a high level of income. Among them, women in the first and second-tier cities are close to 60%, and the proportion of men and women in the potential population is not equal.

And, in the whole, the coffee enthusiasts are the main force in Z generation, and the number of women is higher than that in men. In the potential "fans", freelancer is the highest, reaching 24%, the share of students and housewives are also higher than existing consumer groups, and future coffee consumers will become more blurred.

  Coffee types are online, and there are different lines.

Online products are rich in products, hanging ear, fast-soluble, cold liquid coffee is more popular. In 2021, the domestic instant coffee market is expected to exceed 14.9 billion yuan, including the Nestle accounts for more than half of the market share.

Combined with the Chinese team and the Japanese supply chain in Sumidichuan coffee in recent years, there is a stable output, and the coffee in the market is more than the market share; Sanon is a new "traffic" under strong marketing, the main 0 to 6 digital coffee Series, attracting young people between 25 to 30 years old "early adopters", with 90 fans account for more than 70%.

Yongzhao’s lyophilized powder coffee became famous, sales of sales nearly 30 million yuan during the 6.18 period, women in 22 to 30 were the main "circle powder" object. Offline coffee is mainly in a boutique cafe, chain coffee, and fast coffee. Among them, in the chain coffee, 7-11, the whole family, convenient beas, etc. Convenient shops are the first choice for value-priced population, Starbucks, Costa, etc. In addition to coffee, it also provides a casual place; , Manner et al. In recent years, it has become a new favorite of young families.

  In addition, the white paper pointed out that with the high frequency of the city population, the products of the urban population have just needed, the products of the IQ tax cannot be long-term development. There is only one good drink, and the national coffee that can be seen everywhere can truly meet the mass needs.

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