The new body began to hoisted "steel big bowl"

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The new body began to hoisted "steel big bowl"

  Yesterday (18th), the industries of the industry have been rebuilt. The crawler crane puts a steel structural component of more than 200 tons in the temporary support frame, which is the first steel structure of the industrial project lifting. From this moment, the construction of new workgad steel structures begins, and it is completed in the first quarter of next year. The cover is like a buckled "steel big bowl" cover is the standard of professional football field, but is not equipped in the old body. "The new coverage of this renovation and recovery can enable new works to enhance the competition experience and watch experience in extreme weather, meet the Asian Cup and the future higher level international football event." Zhonghe Independent The relevant person in charge of the project introduced that the new covered envelop included six major functions including sunshade, lighting, row collection, melt, photovoltaic power generation and sound absorption, and with the future set of ring LED screens and light show condition. "Traditional appearance, modern venues" as the guidelines for this industries, in the design of the coverage, is also reflected in the design: design more emphasizes to create visual stability and home temperament, showing the solemn and atmosphere of the national stadium, reflecting solidarity , Effort, the spirit of sports. For the protection of the original building style, the height and radians of the new coverage are strictly controlled, moderately increase the height of the main building, forming the sight occlusion of the new cover and support members, the final roof cover is a large open space single layer arch shell Steel structural form, total steel volume reached 10,000 tons. For the shape of the body cover, the Chinese Hergent Structural Engineer Niu runs it as a "buckled bowl". This "steel big bowl" is both strong and sophisticated, complement with the solemn style of the industry. It is a "big guy" in the case of a puzzle, the high level of accuracy is high, and the temperature is low is the three difficulties facing the construction of this industrial roof cover shed steel structure.

  The body covered steel structural components are all "big guys", and the outer side-by-side single component weighs 16 tons, and the radial beam single root weight is 57 tons. The first lifting is more than 200 tons.

For these "big guys", the construction site rarely introduced 1250 tons of crawler cranes for lifting.

Song Peng, the leader of the project, the construction period requires the completion of 6 months in three months, and the project construction team continuously optimizes the adjustment of construction processes, but also introduces electromagnetic induction heater, rock cotton insulation, welding robot, etc. Techniques and processes ensure that new body covers steel structural welding quality is stable and appearance. According to the plan, the new industry will be completed in December next year.

(Reporter Cao Zheng Cheng Pie) (Original Title: New Roof Cover Improvement Views Experience New Works "Start Harce" Steel Big Bowl ").