The party committee of the Red Bean Group launched the "two learning and one" distance education training

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The party committee of the Red Bean Group launched the "two learning and one" distance education training

In order to firmly understand the ideal beliefs of party members and cadres, the majority of party members and cadres have promoted the basic connotation of the five major development concepts, and effectively enhance the ideological consciousness and action consciousness of the five major development concepts. According to the Office of the Provincial Party Committee Organization, the 1st 1st The "Notice of the Distance Education Training Week" activity is required. Under the unified deployment of the District Party Organization Department and the Town Party Committee, the Red Bean Group Party Committee is organized around the ideal beliefs and five major development concepts. Education and training activities, the content is "Chinese, you must confident" speech video and "the" 13th Five-Year Plan "learning lectures in five major development philosophy, and all party members of the Red Bean Group participated in the training.

"Chinese, you must confident" is a professor of Zhang Wei, Fudan University, "Take the" China Mode "" the theme of "China Mode" ", and Zhang Wei has draws conclusions with the experience of him more than 100 countries. : China is not afraid of international competition, especially not afraid of institutional competition. China’s development in a short decades, firmly achieved our road self-confidence, theoretical confidence, system confidence, and values. Today’s Chinese need to be awake and understand the history of China and accurately set up China’s national coordinates.

The more you know what you know, the more accurate the judgment of the situation, the more confident in China’s future. Confidence is a positive emotion, there will be courage and strength, perseverance and power; have self-confidence will be persistent, consciously practice. In the "Five Development Ideas Leading" Thirteen "Development" learning lecture video, Sun Wenhua, Jiangsu Provincial Party School, teaches the convincing perspective and vivid case, from the five major development concepts and "13th Five-Year Plan" The meaning of the preparation is systematically elaborated, and the five major development philosophy have been conducted in-depth discussion, the lecture is rich, and the reason is thorough, and it is easy to understand. "The two studies and one" is "learning party regulations, school series speech, do qualified party members", whether it is party member leading cadres, or ordinary party members, we must carefully study the party constitution as rules, and to learn to implement the general secretary of Xi Jinping is important. The spirit of the speech, consolidate the development of the party’s mass line education and the "three strict three" special education results, further solve the problems in thought, organization, style, discipline, etc., maintain the advanced nature and purity of the party.

No matter in production, work, study or social life, the red bean party members must enhance political awareness, overall consciousness, core awareness, consciousness, firmly political direction, courage to take as a good role, and lead the red beans to better promote better Red beans "three self-hexa" and build "100 billion red beans, wisdom red beans, happiness red beans, beautiful red beans".