Tianfu New District 25 project is concentrated in the third quarter

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Tianfu New District 25 project is concentrated in the third quarter

  On August 12th, the Sichuan Tianfu New District 2021 major project centralized starting ceremony was held in the business district of Tianfu Headquarters.

Focus on 25 projects, total investment billions. This batch is focused on improving the industrial ecology, enhancing urban functions, will provide strong support for further enriching urban strategic functions.

  Among them, the ecological optimization of the empowerment, started construction of the main tower of the Southwest China Headquarters of China, the Thai and Thai International Legal Center, etc .; Endoung Innovation Energy Transport, started construction of Huawei’s Ecological Base, Tianjin University Sichuan Innovation Research Institute and other scientific and technological innovation 5 types of projects; Energy Wenchuang platform gathering, starting construction of the Southwest Center of Tiger Teeth, People in the People’s China AI Digital Media Platform, etc. , 10 major people’s livelihood projects such as Maojiawan Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  The main tower project of the South China Headquarters of China is located in the core area of ??the Tianfu Headquarters Business District. The project will bring together business office, sightseeing tourism, supporting hotels, etc. After completing, standing here, will be able to overlighten the snow mountains above sea level, and the window consumpted with the beautiful scenery of Xiling Qianqiu. (Reporter Wang Guoping).