Taizhou: According to the "Law", the dog will add civilization "background"

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Taizhou: According to the "Law", the dog will add civilization "background"

  "Chaimen won the dog, the wind and the night belong to people." A wind and snow, a belonging, a house, a pair of dogs, the poet Liu Changqing will be a heart and scene of a dog looking forward to our mind.

The dog is a friend of mankind, but with the development of society and the change of people’s lifestyle, the increase in the wounded incident of the dog is more frequent, and the contending of the dog is homogeneous … The dog management legislation is imperative.

At the end of 2020, the dog management legislation officially included in the work schedule of the Standing Committee of Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress.

On October 22, the "Taizhou City Dog Management Regulations" was reviewed by the 41st meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National Congress of Taizhou.

On November 25th, the 36th meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress of Zhejiang Province approved the Ordinance and will be implemented on May 1, 2022. Civilized cure dogs triggering hot discussion in 2018, Taizhou Huangyan has happened a multi-dog injury, 3 big dogs biting 6 people, and the dog owner Yang lives near Huangyan Tangtou Reservoir, and raises the dog 14 Bar, there are 6 big dogs, 4 puppies, 4 stray dogs, no history of vaccination.

In the countryside, the sump is everywhere. Similar wounded incidents are not case, this incident also triggered the discussion of the public’s legislation. In 2019, the suspension caused by the dog in Jiaojiang, and Mr. Wang in Jiaojiang went out of the night, inexplicably biting a pet dog, but the parties denied that he was a dog owner, but also said that he sent himself Mr. Wang went to the hospital for a good job.

Due to no direct evidence, no one is responsible for this event. This can’t help but ask, how do similar events define in the future? Wandering dog hurts people, dogs are disturbed … In recent years, the disputes about the dog dogs have also triggered a discussion about governors – how civilized cities will treat dogs in a civilized way? From 2018 to 2020, the Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress representative and the CPPCC committee members of the proposal for the management of dog management, the proposal is as many as 23. This has also become a problem that needs to be cracked in urban manager.

  At this moment, the dog legislation is undoubtedly the best crack. At present, the national level and the special legislation without the management of dog management in Zhejiang Province, how to ensure the accuracy of legislators in the case of non-active legal support, is the test of legislators. At the end of 2018, the study decided by the 29th Director of the Standing Committee of Taizhou City, the "Taizhou City Dog Administration Regulations" were included in the 2019 Legislative Plan to prepare for the next year. After that, continue to include the 2020 Legislative Plan Second Class Project.

  After more than two years of preparation, combined with other landlords, on November 27, 2020, the 73rd Director decided to officially launched the legislative work of "Taizhou Dog Management Regulations".

  Digital empowerment Guangnan public opinion "Do you agree with the community owners or neighbors?" "The national legislation is limited to the number of dogs, what is the number of homes or a reasonable remedy?" … 8 On the evening of the 6th, the Taizhou People’s Congress WeChat public number headline pushed "Taizhou City dog ??legislation has a prize questionnaire".

Just afternoon, the Democratic Legislation of the Democratic Legislation of the Standing Committee of Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress, studied the content and promotion launching plan of the dog legislation questionnaire. The questionnaire survey took the joint release mode, and the Taizhou People’s Day WeChat public number was pushed. The questionnaire was also released in Taizhou News, Unlimited Taizhou, Taizhou Release and the new media platforms such as counties (city, district) people’s public account, as of August 31 On the day, there are 500,000 people to read, 120,000 people participated in the questionnaire survey.

  As the important application scenario of Taizhou people’s digital reform – "Legislative Public Opinion", this network questionnaire citizen participation has a high historical high, and the results of the questionnaire are further revised by the law, and improve the effective basis, further consolidate The public opinion foundation of the opening legislation is also the construction of "legislative public opinion". According to reports, based on "legislative public opinion", according to the front-end questionnaire system, the corresponding backend data analysis module is established, and the automatic gathering of the data is achieved, real-time analysis, real-time viewing, analysis results transformation into scientific and effective public opinions. "The main purpose of collecting public opinion is to use the absorption and application of public opinion, which is also fully reflected in the process of regulations." The person in charge of the Taizhou Municipal People’s University of France said that the results of the survey of multiple issues provide reference based on the system settings of the regulations. .

For example, "Does the urban area need to limit the concentrated walking dog time?" "Advice advice through legislative public opinion on the management of the training dog management, is another specific practice of further promoting democratic legislation in Taizhou.

To take this as an opportunity, deepen the development of legislative public opinion, let public opinion through the whole process of legislation, all aspects, and promote local legislation more pragmatic and more ground.

Ye Haiyan, director of the Standing Committee of the Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress, emphasized that the results of digital reform, so that the legislative process of the People’s Congress became the vivid practice of practicing the people’s democracy in the whole process.

  Equivalence is good for the law, the rule of law is effective combination of good law and good governance.

High quality legislation, the law of risks, this is also the legislative original intention of Taizhou Municipal People’s Congress.

The dog management legislation is directly related to people’s livelihood. All walks of life participate in enthusiasm and discuss fierce.

  Wander dog management has always been a disease of the people, and is also a difficult problem of administrative management. Who is going to manage, how to manage? The regulations are clear that the urban management department is responsible for the focus of the wandering districts only captures, township (towns) people’s governments, and the street offices are responsible for the control and disposal of the wandead in the jurisdiction. At the same time, considering urban management departments and townships, the streets have duties in terms of wandere dogs, and there is a special addition to a joint trapping system for stray dogs.

  "To consider the convenience of operation, it should reduce the materials that individuals and units apply for dog registration. Establish an electronic file to achieve information sharing." In the Standing Committee, there is a representative to strengthen the management of dog management. This suggestion reflects the spirit of the reform of the service, and has been recognized by many member members. The Standing Committee absorbed the recommendation secondary consideration, and the regulations increased a provision about "digital application".

  What is the need to wear a mouth, the length of the dog is suitable … How to standardize the dog and dogs only a difficult thing in the regulations. The head of the Taizhou Municipal People’s France Work Committee, frankly, the dog management involved in the broadening, the need to balance the interests of different social groups, and also taking into account the needs of the dog people, bringing a small challenge to the legislative work. At the same time, she also said the legislator’s wisdom program – based on digital means, a wide range of public opinion surveys provide points to these problems.

According to the results of public opinion, the regulations are clearly clarified.

For example, portal of dogs should be less than the length of the dog, avoiding the peak period and personnel in the upper and lower get off work, and only the mouth cover is only the dog, and the dog cage or dog bag is loaded. Going to the legislative connection point and representative liaison station to conduct legislative research, convene legislation consultations, and discuss with the legislative expert library and members of the public! In the collision of different sounds, the regulations have been revised repeatedly.

  According to the rule of the dog, there is a sound of dogs. "It is difficult to treat dogs.

"In the previous interview, Xiao Chen said helplessly as an administrative law enforcement personnel. From October 1, 2020, according to the" Taizhou Civilization Behavior Promotion Regulations ", the comprehensive administrative law enforcement department is built in the city and towns. Inside the dogs, they can not take safety measures such as beam traction belt. This is a fine of less than one hundred yuan or more. This is not much, it is scattered in the relevant regulations.

  With the introduction of "Taizhou Dog Management Regulations", the dog has a special legal basis.

Article 5 of the Regulations, a punishment for various illegal activities, fines from 200,000 to 5,000 yuan, and reduce the fines of the same one to five times, enhance the rigidity of penalty punishment measures, improve A fine of some illegal acts.

  For those who come to cure, the regulations also clarify the responsibilities of the parties.

The public security organ is the competent department of dog management work. It is responsible for rabies killing, dogs only disrupts people and wounded incidents. The key management area is only registered for the card; the urban management department is responsible for the focus management area to catch only in the management zone Dog destroys the management of public places, the environmental health behavior management … all the functional departments, the government of the government, forming a joint force of the ruled dog.

  "In the past, the dog was full of consciousness, not good tube, and it was not good. Now the regulations are introduced, and we are law enforcement.

"" The community often has large dogs only, seeing fluster, hoping to get effective rectification.

"… former civilization, the zebra crossing has become a bright scenery in Taizhou, so that" civilized gift Taizhou people "becomes a city business card. Now I can manage the harmonious picture of people’s dogs, add" new cities to the civilized city "new The scenery is a new period of the general public. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Meqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.