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Guangzhou Software College

Original title: Guangzhou Software College will build a new campus in Qingyuan on the morning of June 1st, and the Qingyuan City Government and Guangzhou Software College held a school -run agreement signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, the Guangzhou Software College will choose a new campus in Qingyuan site this year.

This means that after the Guangdong Institute of Finance and Guangzhou Sports, Qingyuan will add another undergraduate college to achieve the number of undergraduate colleges "from 0 to 3" within 4 years.

  According to the agreement, Guangzhou Software College will set up a private non -profit undergraduate college in Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City. The new campus will be named "Guangzhou Software College Qingyuan Main Campus". The planned area is about 1,000 acres, and the scale of enrollment is about 10,000 people.

At present, the site selection has been determined to be located in Qingcheng District of Qingyuan City, and the specific location has not been announced. It is expected that the campus construction will be launched within this year.

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