[Chinese Dream · Great Power Artisan] Yang Jinlong: Breaking the limit of 0.01 mm to color the car

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[Chinese Dream · Great Power Artisan] Yang Jinlong: Breaking the limit of 0.01 mm to color the car

  In recent months, Yang Jinlong is studying a water -based coating for car paint, and has continuously explored new technical parameters.

As a car painter, he believes that the color of the car is also hidden in the mysteries of excellence. At the age of 21, Chinese young technicians Yang Jinlong broke the limit of millimeter, and achieved a breakthrough in the gold medal of the car paint project in the World Skills Competition in the World Skills Competition.

  Yang Jinlong, born in 1994, grew up in the rural family of Baoshan in Yunnan. After the middle school entrance examination lost, he entered the idea of ??studying a technology and reducing the burden at home, and entered the Vocational and Technical School of Longyang District, Baoshan City to study car repair.

One year later, through selection, he came to Hangzhou Technician College to study car paint and plastic surgery.

  "Although the car paint does not have too much technology, it is necessary to minimize the color difference and make the surface of the car smoother. Only by continuous practice can we meet higher standards." During school, Yang Jinlong’s degree of obsession with painting technology to spray paint has been obsessed with the degree of obsession. He understands that a good car paint technician is a "car beautician". Yang Jinlong, a teacher of Hangzhou Technician College.

  There are only a few steps for the process of spraying paint, but every detail is important: it is not possible to polish and affect the thickness of the spray paint; the color adjustment does not pass, and there is a sense of color difference to affect the view. "After polishing the color, the new car must be the same as the new one, and the old car must be repaired as the old.

Fortunately, he was willing to endure hardships and study. He stayed in the training workshop until the early morning in order to overcome a problem in the training workshop in order to overcome a problem.

During the school, he won the first prize of automobile application and maintenance of automobile application and maintenance of automobile application and maintenance of automobiles in Zhejiang Province. Essence In 2012, after graduating from Yang Jinlong, he went to the car 4S shop and car paint supplier to study color. In April 2014, he returned to Hangzhou and joined the Teacher Teacher team of Hangzhou Technician College through layers of screening. That year, he was 22 years old and was the youngest teacher in the college.

That year, he accepted the invitation of the domestic trial of the 43rd World Skills Contest and challenged the champion. The World Skills Competition is the highest, largest, and most influential vocational skills competition in the world today. It is known as the "Olympic Olympic in the skill industry". Every two years, the contestants have only one opportunity for life. The world’s advanced level of vocational skills development.

  The car paint projects participated by Yang Jinlong also have very high technical requirements.

The thickness standard of the spray is millimeter, and the allowable error is only millimeter and millimeter, which is equivalent to about 1/6 of a hair diameter.

  His training process was extremely hard.

At high temperature days, the indoor temperature is as high as 40 degrees Celsius, and it is close to 50 degrees Celsius during the cool summer.

During the training, the skin cannot be exposed outside, and the whole body must be wrapped tightly. Therefore, sweat every day, and the work clothes will affect the training effect and not be able to wear it. After training in this day, I have to change seven or eight sets, but Yang Jinlong never called. He regarded this world competition as a college entrance examination in life, "it can also make up for regret.

"Yang Jinlong recalled that when he was just a high school, he was not favored by the villagers." They all said that the child did not read high school and was abandoned, which means that he might not be able to do it in the future. "In order to change the prejudice and prove that he can do it, he strives to pursue the limit of being a craftsman.

  Yang Jinlong (first from the right) instructs students to learn paint technology.

  During the preparation of the war, Yang Jinlong often had pain in his arms because of his long -handed spray gun time. "Sometimes it was so painful that I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t lift it for a few days. I could only use ice packs to relieve it." In order to enhance the strength of the muscle Essence

  On August 17, 2015, St. Paul, Brazil, Chinese youth Yang Jinlong stood on the stage of the World Skills Competition. With superb technology, he won the gold medal of the car paint project in one fell swoop and made a breakthrough in the gold medal in the World Skills Competition for China. This "dark horse" does not need to whip to the world all the way from the mountain village of Yunnan. Yang Jinlong has gained more attention and achievements. However, whether it is applause of flowers or high -paying invitations of famous enterprises, it has not shaken Yang Jinlong to adhere to his original dream: being a teacher, feeding his alma mater.

Adhering to a ingenuity and continuing to repair skills.

  In 2018, Yang Jinlong was elected representative of the National People’s Congress.

He specially conducted an in -depth research on the growth of skill talents, focusing on the training of skill talents and the work environment of the front -line technicians, and practiced the "craftsmanship" to the performance of the representative. Vocational colleges, workshops, repair shops, and 4S shops are all good places for his listening. "The major of automobile paint needs to accumulate for a long time in order to achieve a high -precision standard. This is a hard and long process." In the past three years, Yang Jinlong submitted "Suggestions on Further Strengthening the Cultivation of High Skills" and "Furthermore" and "Furthermore to Further Furthermore Suggestions for Optimizing the Growth of Skills Talents "," Suggestions on Accelerating the Implementation of Education Certificate and Certificate of Vocational Skills and Certificate Connecting Related Works "," Suggestions on Establishing a Suggestions on the Establishment of the National Artisans to Create New Fashion ".

Among them, the proposal to set up the "National Craftsman Day" has been valued by relevant national departments and included in the solution plan.

  This year, Yang Jinlong won the "National May Day Labor Medal". In the future, he will still decide to based on car spraying positions, study technology, teach and educate people, and cultivate more high -skilled talents for my country’s automobile paint industry, and contribute to the development of the industry. (China Youth Network reporter Liu Shangjun).