"Do you love one kilometer" to relieve difficult workers

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"Do you love one kilometer" to relieve difficult workers

This newspaper (Reporter Ye Xiaobang correspondent Liu Chuyao Li Zhiwen), in the Guangdong Shengguan City Federation of Trade Unions and Shaoguan Jian Yong Yonghua Health Physical Examination Center jointly held 2021 "Do I love one kilometer" Shaoguan difficult workers public welfare medical examination activities, for the city More than 300 difficult workers provide free health checkup services.

It is understood that since the launch of 2019, the event has eased the problem of medical treatment for more than 2,000 difficult staff families.

It is reported that at the event site, the Shaoguan City Federation of Commission, the vice chairman Xiao Weiqi gave a banner to the love company.

As a demonstration point for the "medical love one kilometer" difficult workers in the "medical love one kilometer", the city’s exemplary point, the city’s total fortification to create difficult workers medical rescue brand projects, further promote difficult workers’ normalization to help work and social quality resources.

Shaoguan City continued to cooperate with Shaoguan American Health Yunhua Health Medical Inspection Center, Shaoguan Railway Hospital, Guangdong Second People’s Hospital, etc. "The last km" of the doctor.

The event has been held 3 times, raising more than 3 million yuan, benefiting more than 2,000 difficult workers’ families.

In recent years, Shaoguan City has always integrated social quality resources through building platforms, capital shares and project cooperation, encourages support for all walks of life to participate in difficult workers to help work, adhere to the service tenet for employees, multi-channel, multi-form do things, Good things, do a good job in the "mother family". At the end of 2020, the city’s domestic difficult workers accumulated 8111 21,512 people all achieved strikes.