Baoding Yiyuan Hongfu Modern Agricultural Industrial Park project "Cloud" signing contract

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Baoding Yiyuan Hongfu Modern Agricultural Industrial Park project "Cloud" signing contract

  On May 16th, Baoding Agricultural Development Group, the People’s Government of Langyuan County, and the Beijing Hongfu Agricultural Group met with the clouds, and joined hands to create a cooperation agreement for Baoding Hongfu Modern Agricultural Industrial Park.

Yan Jihong, deputy secretary and mayor of Baoding Municipal Party Committee, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.

  On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Yan Jihong first expressed warm congratulations on the smooth signing of the project. She pointed out that Yiyuan Hongfu Modern Agricultural Industrial Park project is another vivid practice of strengthening Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei coordinated development and rural revitalization national strategy in Baoding City. Strike the high -quality development of the full chain of multi -industry, drive the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry, and help rural revitalization and step -by -step development. The departments and departments at all levels must thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions on the work of agriculture and rural areas and the main leaders of the provincial party committee to preserve the spirit of survey and speeches, focus on comprehensively promoting high -quality and efficient agriculture, rural areas, livable and business, and peasants’ wealth and prosperity, and give full play to their full play, give full play to their full play. Beijing Hongfu Group has the market advantages of modern cultural tourism, smart agriculture, scientific and technological services, production and sales docking, etc., and promotes the high -quality development of modern agriculture in the city. It is necessary to rely on project implementation, strive to provide comprehensive service guarantees for project construction and enterprise development, promote the project’s early production and operation, accelerate the formation of strong support for the establishment of a 100 billion -level industrial cluster in urban agricultural agricultural, and provide a strong guarantee for the city’s agricultural development and rural revitalization.

  Huang Fushui, chairman of the board of directors of Beijing Hongfu Group, said that the in -depth implementation of the national strategy of coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin and Hebei, and the good business environment and ecological environment of Baoding is an important force for the project to accelerate. Hongfu Group will make every effort to help farmers, strive to improve the employment and entrepreneurial quality of farmers, and help local agricultural products sales and farmers increase their income.

At the same time, continue to uphold the pragmatic style of rising up his sleeves, to grab early and strongly attack, accelerate the new speed of running out of the construction of key agricultural and rural projects, and inject new vitality into the revitalization of the countryside. The city leader Li Bing presided over the signing ceremony. Zhang Guibao, Shan Gao, and Wang Baohui attended the event.

  It is reported that the first phase of Baoding Hongfu Modern Agricultural Industrial Park is located in the north of Laoguan County. The construction includes about 290,000 square meters of modern smart greenhouses and supporting facilities of 10,000 square meters, with a total investment of about 800 million yuan. In the south of Yiyuan County, the construction includes about 600,000 square meters of smart greenhouses and 50,000 square meters of supporting facilities, 180,000 square meters of characteristic agricultural experience zones and about 200,000 square meters of cultural tourism recreational projects. The total investment is about 42 100 million yuan.