The general secretary and the people’s minds 丨 "The small glasses of our school are getting less and less"

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The general secretary and the people’s minds 丨 "The small glasses of our school are getting less and less"

  Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an, June 1: "We schools’ little glasses" are getting less and less. "Xinhua News Agency reporters Zheng Xin and Zhang Chenjun on April 21, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping in Shaanxi, located in the concentrated area of ??Qinba Mountain, Shaanxi During the inspection of Pingli County, Ankang City, I walked into the old school of the old county and town to understand the children’s learning and living conditions.

Recently, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency visited Wu Jinpeng, the principal of the Central Primary School in Laoxian County. Let ’s share the warm memories and joy of President Wu’ s warm memories — the spring rain that day, and the general secretary entered the fifth grade classroom.

The children are listening to the "Wrestling" segment in "Little Soldiers Zhang Ga".

The General Secretary asked the children kindly to ask the children well. The children recognized Grandpa Xi, and they couldn’t help standing. While waved their hands, "Grandpa Xi is good!" Especially care about children’s health.

Seeing not many children wearing glasses, the General Secretary said relieved: "This is important.

"The chief secretary said with a long focus:" Now that children generally have glasses, this is my hidden worry. There is also the health of the body. Due to less physical exercise, it has declined.

The spirit of civilization, the barbaric body, and the ‘barbaric body’ I said is to strengthen the body.

"The general secretary was so concerned about the children’s vision problems and physical health, which made me and the teachers very moved.

I put the notes of the General Secretary in a working log and repeatedly understand it.

  In order to further resolve the "small glasses" that the General Secretary said, all classrooms in the school are installed with eye protection lamps, and the students of the middle grade are equipped with a sitting position with a sitting position. Let children with poor vision take my myopic correction training with a rest time. At the same time, we increase the time of children’s outdoor activities and guide students to love nature.

Now, there are fewer and less "small glasses" in our school.

  We set up a school martial arts team and martial arts clubs, with professional martial arts coaches, and arranged martial arts exercises in large class. Now, students are going to a set of martial arts in the morning in the morning for nearly 10 minutes. After Shu live bones, the children were "spiritual".

If you are strong, you can devote your body and mind to the study of cultural classes. In the past two years, the school has built new restaurants and dormitories, and has transformed teaching buildings and sports fields. Students can sing and paint in music and art classrooms, and exercise on the lawn.

Children not only "learn" can also "learn well."

  After the General Secretary came, the children were very encouraged.

There was a child who was in the fourth grade at the time.

He said that Grandpa Xi was particularly happy, and Grandpa Xi was in his heart. This child did not like to exercise in the past. He now likes table tennis and football. He also becomes a picker of the school. He always has a confident smile on his face all day long.